Quantile Health Raises $6M Seed Round.  

Making Transformative Medicine Accessible to Every Patient

The Problem

More Transformative Medicines Are Reaching the Market, But the Payment Solution Is Not Yet In Place

Gene, Cell and ASO therapies are changing the lives of patients and families devastated by rare diseases. These medicines offer the remarkable hope of a life-saving, potentially curative treatment for previously untreatable diseases. And with 2,500+ trials in the pipeline and a growth rate of 25% per year, this industry is poised to revolutionize medicine.

However, these high-cost, ultra-rare therapies also pose unique challenges for payers across the world when it comes to coverage and reimbursement. Without a payment solution as innovative as the cures themselves, we anticipate patient access becoming a structural issue within 2-3 years, with the burden ultimately falling upon patients and families.

What Does Quantile Do?

Quantile Health is solving the problem of patient access to gene and cell therapies by creating a payment platform that allows payers to directly enter value-based risk deals with manufacturers

Our data science driven solution solves for

Patients and Families

Gene, Cell and ASO therapies are savings lives, but limited to those who can afford them


New gene and cell therapies pose significant pricing risk to health plans that existing actuarial methods aren't equipped to handle


Getting payers to cover a new therapy is the most time-intensive and frictional part of a treatment's go-to market process

Meet the Team

Our Founding Team is a Group of Healthcare Experts, Financial Engineers, Data Scientists and Leaders in Industry

Yutong Sun

Co-Founder & CEO

Former Lead Data Scientist, Oscar Health

Peter D. Hancock


Former President and CEO, AIG
Former CFO, J.P. Morgan

Andrew W. Lo


Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Jonathan H. Gruber

Chief Policy Officer

Ford Professor of Economics at MIT

Frank Zhang

Chief Commercial Officer

Former Head of Commercial at Uniqure

Our Advisors

Rena Conti

Associate Professor, Markets, Public Policy, and Law at Boston University

Joel Klein

Former Assistant Attorney General of the United States

Sid Sankaran

Former Chairman and CEO, SiriusPoint

Mario Schlosser

Co-founder and Former CEO, Oscar Health