Paying For Cures With A Value-Based Subscription Model

Quantile’s Access Platform - ‘Netflix’ for Gene Therapies

A value-based subscription model is an alternative payment model for high cost one-time treatments such as gene therapies. This innovative financing solution addresses critical problems facing payers, pharma & patients-

  • Pharma: Ensures drug coverage from day one of launch
  • Payers: Eliminates budgeting risk and link cost to value
  • Patients: Access to transformative medicines

What does Quantile’s Access Platform do?

  • Data Collection - Retrieves patient outcome data, and tracks patient care journeys longitudinally and systematically

  • Pricing - Disease specific population health models calibrated using real-world payer data allow Quantile’s platform to accurately estimate payer specific subscription price, reflecting each population’s unique risk profile

  • Contract Administration - Adjudicate patient outcomes as an impartial third party, and make value-based agreements accessible to payers of all sizes
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